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Artwork Information

Artwork Information

Logo Set-up Charges:
There are no logo set-up charges when artwork is submitted makeready.
If art charges will be incurred to "clean-up" the art, customer service will notify you prior to set-up. Logo artwork may be sent via email to artwork@crystaloccasion.com

Logo Artwork:
Digital logo artwork preferably have been created in Adobe Illustrator 10.0 or below. Images need be vector based(raster images are not acceptable) and in black and white only - no color, grayscale or halftones. Artwork via jpeg or PDF file can be used on a per order basis and may be subject to an artwork charge to convert.

Submitting Text for your Award or Gift:
Submitting your text can be done via order comments section at the end of your order or sent via email to artwork@crystaloccasion.com.  Text layout can be placed in body of email or as attachment in .doc,.txt or .pdf format.  Simply explain the layout you wish for your award/gift to read.  Click here to view sample submissions. 

Personalization Text Charges:
Awards or gifts are usually imprinted with common copy (e.g. a company name or logo) and text line per each award (e.g. individual names or titles). Once a layout (template) is set for production, the first template is included in the set up, and each additional template is an additional $4.10.

E-Mailing Art
Artwork may be received via E-Mail at artwork@crystaloccasion.com.


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