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Packaging Styles

Crystal Occasion believes that quality packaging is important to an aesthetically pleasing presentation

Style A This patented designer gift box has a self-locking system as jus t one of its   many attributes.  The   two-toned exterior   boasts metallic blue and silver laminates, while the bottom   interior   is lined in black velour for maximum impact of your logo. Guaranteed to enhance   the   perceived   value   of    your selection,   a   finer   gift box simply does not exist.

Style B This two-tuned, blue   and   silver gift box   will   enhance   your   gift   in a way that standard brown or off-white corrugate cannot approach. The bleached white (not off-white) interior brightens its contents while insuring that your gift arrives safely.

Style C   This  two-toned,  blue  and  silver gift box will  enhance  your  award  in a  way  that standard  brown of off-white corrugate cannot approach.   Each award   is wrapped in blue tissues then over-wrapped with a decorative honey-comb wrap that insures the safe arrival of your award. The bleach white (not off-white) interior   brightens   the   contents   while coordinating   with the overall designer lock. Note that some of our award have platform insert   verses the tissue and honeycomb wrap shown.

Style D This two-toned gift box features blue and silver laminates highlighted by a square silver button on top. The telescoping lid covers all but the very bottom, while exposing a silver band for a designer look and snug fit. The interior is also lined in blue and silver and is equally luxurious. Please note that some items may require over-wrapping in our decorative honeycomb wrap or tissue. Aesthetically pleasing and extremely sturdy, these boxes will surely be reused by their recipients. Positive comments guaranteed!




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